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Caught in a moment: MAYA LUCIA and Dead Slow Hoot new releases

MAYA LUCIA and Dead Slow Hoot new releases

Dead Slow Hoot – Gesticulating Wildly

You can’t help but admire musicians who spend their youth playing in a band, not for the attention it most likely will earn them, but rather from a strange, hard to resits desire to document their struggle with constructing their lives. 

Dead Slow Hoot is one of those bands, but don’t mistake them for mere miserabilism-peddlers like some of their post-punk peers that put on their frowns before walking on stage in the same way that KISS members put on their make-up. 

Gesticulating Wildly feels like a snapshot of a moment in time that is neither vital nor likely to repeat. It’s a picture with enough detail to make it a mystery. The slow, cavernous sound of the band brings to mind some of Britain’s more sophisticated post-punk acts, but Dead Slow Hoot have their own stories that they are looking to present. 

MAYA LUCIA – ur ruining it !

Heading down to the beach is just like having a large meal. It’s something you tend to prize more before you’re allowed to have it or after enough time has elapsed since you last did. It’s a lot of folks’ Shangri-La, of which they dream all year long. 

The beach summons all sorts of tranquil, mysterious images and sounds in most minds. Our brains, after all, tend to gloss over details such as sunburns, crowdedness, or sanding getting in your coffee, hair, and private parts. 

Days at the beach are such a treasured part of downtime that there’s music seemingly forged to accompany the previously described experiences. Reverb guitars, sunny melodies, and a tamed melancholy are usually part of the writing process of such songs.

Of the musicians that have taken up this kind of music, Maya Lucia, is one of the singers that best understands the dynamics needed to create a very strong beach rock vibe. Her somber lyrics and Kaye Bush-like vocals add a pretty, strange kind of counterpoint to the music. ur ruining it ! is a summer single if we’ve ever heard one. 

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