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Sense of it all: McDEAD and Square reviewed by Alt77

McDEAD and Square reviewed by Alt77

Square – The World Is Square

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Rock, Alternative Rock

People don’t particularly take to others who like to live by themselves undisturbed, working on some sort of secret project. You always hear that they were quiet. That is, at least, the general impression that comes across after whatever they’ve worked on comes to fruition. 

The world doesn’t worry enough about the people who’ve spent years in their rooms, or in cold school, quarters learning scales, chord progressions, and dreaming of a world where oddball fantasy stories and complex music are married to great success. 

Now, generally speaking, people hate folks who play prog rock. How can you blame them? They’re the equivalent of angry nerds demonstrating their prowess in advanced geometry. However, there was a time when prog-rock was all about world-building. Square is a modern band that takes prog into that territory, but the world they create on The World Is Square is bizzare and senseless at times. It sounds like Dream Theater doing a cover of a Syd Barrett tune. We like it and think that nerds should be encouraged to take more courses on abstract art. 

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Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, IDM / Glitch, Lo-fi Rock

There’s something to be said about the magic of the three-minute single, a construction perfect enough that it has withstood the pressures of time and the changing to tastes. However, there’s also something to be said about music that comes directly out of an artist’s psyche. 

Before the likes of David Bowie, or Syd Barrett were well-known enough to be subjects of conversation for music fans across the world they were chanters. Their music was a chant or meditation, that sounded like someone with a very sensitive inner world looking to make sense of his surroundings. 

McDEAD’s IBM is, similarly, a chant as much as it is a song. The thing about chants though is that they are supposed to give the impression that they have no beginning and no end. This is precisely how this one feels, yet one that reaches its goal plants its flag and stakes its claim. 

Find McDEAD on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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