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Melodic ingenuity: Greg Hoy and James M. Carson reviewed

Greg Hoy and James M. Carson reviewed

James M Carson – Calico (Live)

I have been accused of being a cynic when it comes to modern music. It is something I can attest to as, yes, frankly there’s a lot of garbage out there. But, just like Cameron Crowe’s alter-ego caught on celluloid in Almost Famous, I too fell in love with records once. 

Back in the days described in Crowe’s movie, people were less concerned with the music industry’s ego and cynicism. Those would come to a boil somewhere in the late 70s. Folks were more concerned with finding a nice groove, good melodies, and laying their faith in the sound rockstars rushed onto vinyl. 

If you’re still looking for that kind of thrill, then James M. Carson could be your man. The British songwriter, together with his band, makes an excellent, retro-infused sound, that is honest and graceful. They are not chasing big statements, but nor are they trying to tailor themselves to appease modern audiences. Calico is a well-written song by someone who sounds to be in love with pretty melodies. 

Greg Hoy – Can You Take It?

For all their DYI spirit, most of the great punk rock that’s ever been created was born in some kid’s bedroom, while he was busy trying to teach himself classic rock riffs. Punk just made it acceptable for anyone with enough gusto to share his creations with others. 

Greg Hoy is likely one of the kids that spent an inordinate amount of hours locked away from the world with loud guitar-rock to keep him company. While he was busy immersing himself in the world of Les Pauls and Marshall amps, he might have always picked up an affection for Elvis Costello, Elton John, and a sense of humour. 

These all inform the catchy, lively single Can you take it? Part self-anointed meme, part guitar slinger extraordinaire, Greg Hoy, brand new listeners will learn, knows how to make an entrance.  

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