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Melodies From Afar: Bowes Road Band and Keel the Barber! Reviewed

Melodies From Afar: Bowes Road Band and Keel the Barber! Reviewed

Keel the Barber! – Girls Smell Like Iron

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock

It’s hard to make people love you, but Keel the Barber! Rely on every trick in the book for their highly melodic indie-rock. 

Life is less fun when you have a plan. But you certainly end up in fewer dead ends, strange places, and forks in the road. Nobody looks cool while reading instructions. But whether you’re fixing a sink or fixing to release your new indie-rock band, taking a peek at the rules that generally help to make these activities is a good idea. 

Rock n’ roll ain’t much of a business these days, a lot of people say. But, most likely, these people do not treat their music as a business. At the end of the day, having a band is a lot like trying a show out in the public park and hoping people will join in. You need a theme, costumes, and enough entertainment to keep people from leaving. 

Keel the Barber! dig into familiar, pleasant, highly melodic indie-rock strategies for “Girls Smell Like Iron.” Their costumes are great, and their easy-on-the-ears approach to songwriting could easily endear them to Summer festival crowds. While hearing this, you get the feeling that this single is merely one step of an elaborate design that begins with starting a band and ends with headlining Wembley. It’s mighty smart to have a map. 

Bowes Road Band – Goodbye to Rosie

Similar artists: Donovan, Mark Fry, The Zombies

Genre: Folk, Psychedelic Rock

Bowes Road Band sounds like San Franciscan hippies that have personally met the Beatles and popped into their time machine decades into the future. 

You eventually run out of great retro records. That’s both pride-inducing and depressing. It’s like coming to the end of a double-sized box of chocolates. Now, where did they all go? Naturally, your next move is to see if one hasn’t snuck into the packaging or fallen out of the box. 

The fact is that out of all the eras of pop music, the 1960s is the decade in which one can most comfortably state that there was magic dust being sprinkled from the sky. Of course, that makes people sad once they’ve reached the end of the box of chocolates that is 1960s music. 

Ask even the most hardened retro-rock collector if Bowes Road Band’s “Goodbye to Rosie” might not just be a long-lost relic of the Golden 60s, and they’ll nod affirmatively. Yep, Bowes Road Band, in their low-key glory, captures some of that magic dust and delivers a recording that exists out of time and space. Far from a mere imitation of a classic sound, this is a bashful gem of a song in its own right. 

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