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Prophet of the Last Age: mflux & wolfgangschaltung and Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts reviews

mflux & wolfgangschaltung and Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts reviews

Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts – Vertigo Green

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts put the classic guitar riff to work on the single Vertigo Green.

Is there no other instrument that sounds quite like the electric guitar? Not exactly, no. And, based on how much you treasure rock music’s self-made lore, you’ll argue that even daring to ask such a question is tantamount to heresy. 

In actual fact, most likely, the electric guitar has long been the most recognizable and used instrument in pop music for a few simple reasons. It’s generally affordable. It’s easy to carry around. And, it’s really nimble, getting used on pop and black metal records in nearly equal measure. 

The electric guitar is a lithe instrument that can conjure up mystery and heroism from one moment to the next. Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts use it to great effect on Vertigo Green. The Brooklyn-based songwriter behind the group arms the song with guitar riff ammunition and sends it out into the wild to fend for itself. Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts ends up using the power of the guitar as a constant nudge, a tantalizing proposition, and a means to ensure listeners’ engagement. 

mflux & wolfgangschaltung – Neue Frau

Genre: Indietronica

To the Germans it was Kosmische Musik. To the British, previous military rivals, it was Krautrock. Whether in admiration or genuine, most agreed though that this was the music of the future. There would be little need for bending strings, or screaming to the high heavens in the future. 

By the same logic, there would be no need for boredom, or for simple, everyday tasks. These would simply be done by computers.

The future is here. Everyone can pick and choose parts of their reality. Still, nobody is happy. The weight of expectation is crushing any chance of pleasant surprises. 

mflux & wolfgangschaltung take a stroll back in Kraftwerk’s prediction for Neue Frau. Whereas in the 70s the idea of robots performing various tasks seems bizarre but attainable, the new frontier is genetic modification. mflux & wolfgangschaltung’s imaginative electronic ambitions stop at the very frontier of the unknown. Much like anything cutting edge, the song as well leaves plenty of questions to be answered. Prophets for a new age, or of the last age?

Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts


mflux & wolfgangschaltung - Neue Frau




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