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Monokino – Bend or Break review

Monokino - Bend or Break review alt77

Just like a weightlifter having lived for a year off a diet of protein-rich food and demanding physical exercise or a couch potato that’s spent his time with his face buried in oily slices of pizza while shouting at their television set, we are bound to become what we consume. 

No matter where you’ve had the chance or misfortune of having been born, information is likely to have been authorized and spoon-fed to you gingerly. And, sure, don’t get me wrong. It can be much worse. Throughout history, even less fortunate people have had to deal with fear, highly restricted information, and having their actions being scrutinized carefully. 

The internet has brought with it a new dawn for sharing knowledge, facts, news. However, the convenience that has come along with it has also increased the malicious side. Society has become addicted to its toy. Social media has made even those living in relatively unconstrained places turn into stalkers and betrayers. And, worse of all, perhaps, it has spread anxiety throughout the world like a virus. 

Behind the confident sonic detours of Monokino’s Bend or Break, lies the knowledge that we are what we absorb, and that in a world where social media is always on the menu, as the song so aptly states, “They don’t want us to be friends“. 

Sonically Bend or Break is a tour de force in terms of production wizardry. Stacked vocals and samples are blended effortlessly over spirited, rockin’ beats. The guitar pyrotechnics moreover go to hammer home the point that Monokino is out to prove himself, and he is willing to take as many styles as possible and make them work within a three-minute single context.

The words to Monokino’s Bend or Break may capture the state of the world accurately and in detail. Still, the hodgepodge mentality of taking numerous jigsaw puzzles and somehow making them combine together in an entirely new shape also shows that the artist has his finger on the pulse of modern composition. 

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Eduard Banulescu is a writer, blogger, and musician. As a content writer, Eduard has contributed to numerous websites and publications, including FootballCoin, Play2Earn, BeIN Crypto, Business2Community, NapoliSerieA, Extra Time Talk, Nitrogen Sports, Bavarian FootballWorks, etc. He has written a book about Nirvana, hosts a music podcasts, and writes weekly content about some of the best, new and old, alternative musicians. Eduard also runs and acts as editor-in-chief of the alternative rock music website Mr. Banulescu is also a musician, having played and recorded in various bands and as a solo artist.
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