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Testing the limits of friendship: MONTE and TombSnakes review

MONTE and TombSnakes review

TombSnakes – Two Shakes

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk

Similar artists: IDLES, Fugazi, Jesus Lizard, Eagles Of Death Metal, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains

Starting a band is a declaration of friendship or war with the world. Either way, you stand on matters, it is bound to get you noticed. If it doesn’t, you are most certainly doing something wrong. In fact, you can count on the fingers of one hand the albums made by people who simply didn’t desire attention. Let’s call artists what they are, attention seekers. 

Since making music is bound to leave a mark on your reputation, for better or for worse, it is important to consider what you’re hoping to achieve. Sure, making pleasant pop and having a likable personality can translate into influence. This will particularly be important once the pop-star appeal wears off. 

But, making unfriendly, anger-filled music draws a crowd as well. Those that comprise the crowd are usually filled with the same kind of angst suggested by the music. They’re rarely people that will recommend you for jobs, or help you move furniture. They are not a group of people that is easily shaken off, however. 

TombSnakes’ Two Shakes sounds like music made for those kinds of people. This is gripping, but unpleasant post-punk. It’s the soundtrack to a visit to the dentist. And, it’s fascinating! From the dry, menacing drum machine to the dueling, paranoid vocals, TombSnakes aren’t looking to make friends. Which leaves the group with something else entirely. If they are successful, and by the sound of it, they might be on the right path, they may create a cult instead. 

MONTE – I Hate Me More

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk

The world is quick to issue advice to those that are feeling overwhelmed, unlucky and afraid of what lies ahead. While advice usually comes from a thoughtful place, it is also, regularly, useless. When it comes to consoling people, the most frequent encouragement is to open up more to friends, and loved ones. 

Coincidentally, this is what songwriters always brag about doing. Aren’t they the ones brave enough to open their souls to the world? Don’t they dare travel to the darkest depths to provide pearls of wisdom? Shouldn’t they be praised for their emotional bravery? Of course, this is more often a claim that is easily dismantled by proof. There are few brave enough, to be honest. 

The truth needs a bit of cosmetic work when it comes to pop music. But, not in MONTE’s I Hate Me More. Here’s a punk song about self-loathing. And, because it is truthful and daring, the distraught lyrics sound positively life-affirming. Don’t fret too much. There’s humor too to this scuzzy punk tune, complete with snarling vocals and choppy power chords. The truth ain’t pretty, neither is punk music, and it’s all good with us. 

TombSnakes - Two Shakes


MONTE - I Hate Me More




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