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On a hook and a prayer: Moon Fever and The High 70s music reviews

Moon Fever and The High 70s music reviews

The High 70s – Glitter Box

Genre: Glam / Hair Metal, Alternative Rock

The world has largely changed its attitude about male rockstars commanding an army of hangers-on and, seemingly, having their way with a harem’s worth of women. The world has changed for the better in that respect. 

Yet, don’t fool yourself. The majority of the “rock gods” belonging to the 1970s were, according to the majority of biographies written about them, strange creatures patrolling the cities’ streets and bars at night. Glam-rock was not merely a call to a few good evenings. It was a call to good times without consequences. 

The High 70s’ Glitter Box doesn’t just sound like a tribute to glam-rock or the work of someone who’s prowled the dark clubs and alleyways throughout most of their adult life. It also sounds like the work of a writer with hooks to spare, and a great grasp of dynamics. Imagine an older Marc Bolan prancing around in sequin shirts, delivering a latter-day comeback. 

Moon Fever – Single All Summer

We have a tendency on Alt77 to praise the kind of songwriters who look like they spend their summers out in the frozen North while smoking self-rolled cigarettes, and reading existentialist philosophers. If it appears that way, it is because that is true. 

Still, we too understand what really built the house of rock n’ roll. For the most part, it was dance singles about having a good time and escaping responsibility. In a time like the one in which we are living, this positively sounds like a revolutionary idea. 

Moon Fever’s Single All Summer is Summertime Blues reinvented as a power-pop monster about unironically and unashamedly enjoying the warm summer months. It’s the kind that could work on indie-rock hipsters like garlic and crucifix on a vampire. 

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