Spiritual misdirect: Moon Walker and Qwinn reviewed

Moon Walker and Qwinn reviewed

Qwinn – Fall Down, Fall Up

In a bizarre twist, making music stores obsolete comes at just the right time to save you from emptying your wallet. While many people might be complaining about the lack of great, new music, I argue that there has never been as much good music spread out in as many styles. 

Of course, things aren’t much easier for the young artist. Those who are blessed or have worked to acquire a considerable amount of skill will naturally feel inclined to use it in various creative ways. It’s the reason why music labels aren’t able to sell their product simply labelled disco, hard-rock, or easy listen anymore. 

Qwinn is one of those young men who don’t quite know their own strength yet, and so are testing it in a variety of manners. While much of the songwriter’s creative output veers towards traditional folk, Fall Down, Fall Up sees a slightly more bizarre rendition. It’s not unlike Tom Waits’ early interest in avant-garde and theatre music. Qwinn lets his voice and arrangement wander on this one and the result is special. 

Moon Walker – Tear Down The Wall

Ideally, a good band is formed out of people that are all badly missing a few things. Some can’t sing, write, or play very well. So, they get together with people who have those skills, making their deficit seem less important. It’s a great deal until someone, usually the drummer, decides that they want to write songs. 

Now, dynamic duos are nothing new. Usually created out of necessity, these combos take rock music down to its most basic form. Bands like the White Stripes and the Black Keys have made these types of lineups easily accessible. Brand new tech has made the four-man lineup obsolete. 

Now, the thing about Moon Walker is that neither of the two members is missing anything, and so they struggle to fit the abilities of the two musicians within the confines of their modern blues-rock tunes. Blessed with memorable hooks and a knack for posing, this is a group that is clearly aiming towards large and long-lasting success. I can’t see them quit and go off to college, but I can see them record their own Elephant

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