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Guts and the truth: Moon Walker and Sad Girlz Club reviewed by Alt77

Moon Walker and Sad Girlz Club reviewed by Alt77

Sad Girlz Club – Problems

Genre: Punk-rock

When people tell you that, eventually, you’re going to need a friend on your side, they are not describing an equal opportunity relationship. The most profound friendships, it seems to me, are the ones that involve a shoulder on which to cry. The best friends are the ones that are giving and humble. In a modern world where people are more disconnected from each other than ever before, this should qualify as a profound relationship. 

Most people screw up horrifically and are left having to scan their lives for the consequences and incapable of dealing with the issues born out of these mistakes. One needs to laugh at troubles in order to overcome them it seems, and that hardly happens in a shrink’s office. 

It does happen, however, in the world of punk-rock where shortcomings, quirks, and the fight to constantly improve are, almost always, welcome. Sad Girlz Club’s Problems is a feisty tune about the worst that the world and personal relationships have to offer. It is, also, an anthem of acceptance. Breakups come and go, but this doesn’t mean that the relationships that caused them meant nothing. It just means that they don’t have to mean everything forever, and the trusty shoulder of punk-rock is there if you need a good cry once in a while. 

Moon Walker – Devil

Genre: Alternative-rock, Indie-rock

You have to look at people that manage to summon immense quantities of gusto and ambition with respect. You don’t have to be such a person yourself or feel competitive to have admiration for people who pick themselves up and prop themselves at the starting blocks each time. That takes guts. 

It is, for the most part, not a trait commonly associated with alternative-rock music. While, it is true, some musicians belonging to this style have achieved glorious success, on average, these kinds of artists are the ones shying away from responsibilities, attention and all of the other requirements for getting your face on TV and your lawyers picking apart your gigantic income statements. 

Moon Walker, a band we’ve covered before, are willing to put up with the trouble. They’re not shy, but it’s not merely brashness that moves them. The duo is willing to look into rock’s past, especially its more mysterious elements and move it forward. It’s a well-thought-out sound, and a great image. You have to respect how nothing is left to chance here, including their elaborate videos. Devil is made to be listened to by the largest number of people which should please the group. All walks of life need heroes and leaders and Moon Walker are on the right track. 

Sad Girlz Club - Problems


Moon Walker - Devil




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