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Twist and moan: Moroccan Dog and Midnight Chíc reviewed by Alt77

Moroccan Dog and Midnight Chíc reviewed by Alt77

Midnight Chíc – Can’t Get Enough

Genre: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Bragging is considered unpleasant. People that constantly toot their own horn, usually, end up being ostracized by their, or become presidents of nations. Humility has always been considered a virtue and depending on where you find yourself, you could even end up with a kick in the teeth for drawing attention. 

Now, fortunately, none of these rules applies when it comes to rock n’ roll. While, perhaps, ridiculous to some, people pay for this style of music particularly because they want to see others live out their fantasies of power and at-will charisma. 

Do Roger Daltrey or Robert Plant get teased by their grandchildren every once in a while? Possibly, but that seems like a small price to pay for acting out your fantasy of rock superhero. This is what Midnight Chíc’s Can’t Get Enough seems to be all about. It’s rock devised with the purpose of playing live, strutting n front of a crowd, and wearing out your wear signing autographs. There has been a worse way to spend your time. 

Find Midnight Chíc on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Moroccan Dog – Spring

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Society, naturally, likes people to fall in line. Things fall apart if they don’t, we are told. As a consequence moaning, complaining or feeling bitter about yourself, or others are things that are discouraged. In some places, it’s referred to as an infectious attitude that can break morale. In modern times it’s implied that such people are not accessing the positive vibes that would no doubt improve their lives and others. 

Well, fortunately, since the dawn of time the art world has been filled with maladjusted types, as well as dreamers. When it comes to music, frankly, perhaps more than any other art form, people search out songs made with these intentions. This is because sad music feels strongly relatable. 

Seattle bands back in the 1990s were known to be able to drink from the wellspring of dark human emotions at will at coming back with musical gems. Moroccan Dog, a new group from Seattle, looks to have studied them better than most groups. Spring showcases not only their moodiness but their amazing knack for subtlety. The singing echoes Chris Cornell’s most personal tunes, while the playing is remarkably tasteful and restrained. A group to make the U.S. West Coast rock scene proud. 

Find Moroccan Dog on Instagram and their official website.

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