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Psychedelic-dance: Moshiko & 23 And Beyond The Infinite

Moshiko & 23 And Beyond The Infinite

23 And Beyond The Infinite – Chemical Love Bomb

Similar artists: The Black Angels, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Thee Oh Sees, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Genre: Surf Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock

Crimes are either very sexy or not sexy at all. It’s easy to make a movie about Bonnie and Clyde that teenagers will want to go and watch. It’s difficult to do the same thing about a couple involved in accounting fraud. 

Secretly, most young people that come from a safeguarded environment dream of a life on the outer limits of society. Secretly, they all dream that they could do things with which their parents wouldn’t agree. 

And, naturally, unless they’re insane, they all wish that they could also get away with their crimes and maybe even earn themselves a fan club. A lot of the sexy criminals got their fan clubs without much effort. 

23 And Beyond The Infinite’s Chemical Love Bomb is a grimy psychedelic rocker that seems designed to act as the soundtrack to young, good-looking bank robbers. Beyond the lackadaisical grooves and slow-burning guitar lines is music for people that would like to invest their savings in a leather jacket, a gun and a getaway car. 

Moshiko – El camino de Narciso

Genre: Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic Rock

Why don’t rock bands play discos anymore? They used to do that. That was a particularly popular strategy back in the day and in countries where the Anglo-American pop-rock elements weren’t yet mined to their full potential. 

It wasn’t uncommon that in such a place, a psychedelic rock band would stretch its web of elongated guitar and drum solos in beach bars. The clientele would be made up of people who liked to dance, as well as, of course, psych-thrill-seekers. 

Those places aren’t better off today. You’re more likely to get a band playing bad renditions of Top 40 hits, or, worse, dance music played over really loud speakers. 

Moshiko’s El camino de Narciso sounds like music made by people who are both interested in writing dance tunes and in finding ways for mind expansion. You wouldn’t expect a jazz know-it-all to bust a groove, but with tunes like this, it would all be possible. 

23 And Beyond The Infinite - Chemical Love Bomb


Moshiko - El camino de Narciso




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