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Guitar bulletin: Motoclub and 7th Grade Girl Fight reviewed

Motoclub and 7th Grade Girl Fight reviewed

7th Grade Girl Fight – Better Luck

Genre: Post-Punk, Pop Punk, Indie Pop

Punk music was never intended to be made by good people. That’s just a bonus that we got. It wasn’t predictable either unless you were familiar with the first generations of punk-rockers and their lives. Portrayed as sinister manipulators of the youth, many of these musicians were, actually, kind-hearted, overwhelmed people kicking back against a society that shun them. 

The influence of punk has travelled far and wide. You’d be hard-pressed to dream up a flavour of this music that has not yet been attempted. One of the more interesting ones involves the honesty of people with good intentions and rotten luck. They speak plainly of what is and dream of what can be. 

7th Grade Girl Fight is one of those groups. Borrowing their sound from The Gaslight Anthem, The Lawrence Arms and their predecessor, Bruce Springsteen, this Charlottesville group rages against the dying of the light on their single Better Luck. Hear this, dust yourself up, and go again. 

Motoclub – Get To Shelter

Genre: Hard Rock, Indietronica, Alternative Rock

Tell the right joke and have a room full of people die laughing. Smile just the right smile and have millions of movie fans falling over themselves to please you. Play the right guitar riff and see swarms of music listeners ask you to play one more time. The right stuff!

Lawful employment is no place to asking for fairness. The intensity of labour is not always proportional to the results. But, get used to it. Invest in four-part concept albums about alien worlds at your own peril. The public is not always right, but damn it, they have enough going to make or break you. 

Motoclub, fortunately, has uncovered some of those “right riffs” and they’re ready to ride them to the top with their single Get To Shelter. No back-breaking work for these folks. They want you hopping, bopping, and buying their records and concert tickets. You’ll be hearing prog-rock musicians complaining about them for years to come. Let them. When’s the last time a Dream Theater-influenced group made you hop and bop. 

7th Grade Girl Fight - Better Luck


Motoclub - Get To Shelter




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