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Unwanted Change: MOVIE MOVIE and Dysplay Reviewed

MOVIE MOVIE and Dysplay Reviewed

Dysplay – Words

Similar artists: The Garden, AWOLNATION, Machine Girl, Misfits

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk, Post-Hardcore

It’s hard to know how much Dysplay want to be liked, or how much they like themselves for that matter. What is clear is the fact that these things are hardly getting in the way of their enthusiasm. This is music that sounds as if it’s owned by a company producing acid-laced espresso shots. 

It’s hard to make charmingly annoying music these days. That’s sad. You can blame a lot of this on the fact that most music that is on the charts is designed to sound annoying. There’s plenty of over-produced, abrasive music made by people who couldn’t hum themselves out of a paper bag. That wouldn’t be a problem. But these people aren’t very interesting either. 

Dysplay’s “Words” is music made by extremely interesting people, especially because one struggles to comprehend who would make these kinds of sounds and fuel them with such focus. A smaryly annoying punk sound, Dysplay could be pop geniuses, or murderers that we spent too long trying to spot. Either way, interesting people. 

MOVIE MOVIE – Born to Win

Similar artists: Hoodoo Gurus

Genre: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

The story of a rock music performer is either that of a star or of a misfit. The lines are usually very clearly drawn. And when inevitably one musician belonging most clearly to one camp tries to defeat the other side they are reminded right out of the way of their right place. Check out Robert Plan covering The Cure’s “Lullaby” and you’ll know what I mean. 

But there is one place where the two can briefly meet. A genre that encompasses the two extremes has to have been divided by true geniuses. Power-pop contains loveable, romantic melodies and grooves, made by people who don’t sound or look like they were wrongly denied becoming the fifth Beatle. It’s pop music made by geeks. And, alongside garage rock, it is modern guitar music in its purest form. 

MOVIE MOVIE’s “Born to Win” is a song played with a smile, a glee and a wink, but it’s designed purposely to get stuck in your brain. It’s the kind of song recommended for your waking hours, the one before the first coffee is brewed. This is music meant to make you hopeful and engage in a few bad dance moves around the kitchen. It’s what rock music should naturally grow up to be. 

Dysplay - Words


MOVIE MOVIE - Born to Win




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