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Punks on freedom: Mozart Gabriel and Second Player Score review

Mozart Gabriel and Second Player Score review

Second Player Score – Game On

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Offspring, Green Day, blink-182, Bad Religion, MxPx

Second Player Score believe that a song should be remembered from the very first listen. This is what they attempt to do with Game On.

Try writing a song, speeding it up, and creating a punk classic. You’ll see that it’s harder than it’s made out to sound. And, you’ll notice that the stories about bands like Ramones merely knowing a handful of chords and owning some 50s doo-wop records can’t possibly explain the quality of their work. 

Pretty melodies played with just the right groove, with just the right notes, at just the right tempo is not something that just happens by accident. To paraphrase the words of Paul McCartney, writing a song is easy once you have a good idea… as long as you know how to write a song. 

Second Player Score are confident enough that their musical ideas found on Game On are going to stick. Their goal is to hit directly and have their music glue on tight in the mind of their listeners. Second Player Score’s Game On sounds like a sugar fit, and the great pop-punk bands of old would be proud. 

Mozart Gabriel – Operate

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: blink 182, new found glory

Mozart Gabriel is a pop-punk romantic as can be observed on the single Operate.

Consider how many people walk around looking for direction, looking for something to do. Just about everyone that found punk and got it to speak to them, knows just how lucky they are. 

I don’t mean to suggest that punk music serves for some the purpose that religion does for many others. I do, however, feel inclined to observe and comment on the way in which punk gives purpose, and aim to many people who need it. And, contrary to what enemies of popular music might have you, most of these people grow up to become better members of society precisely because of it. 

Mozart Gabriel is a young pop-punk musician originally from the Navajo Tohjiilee. He brings soulfulness and joy to his music in a way that you won’t hear many old, grizzled musicians be able to summon. Mozart Gabriel seems to know exactly how important what he’s doing happens to be. Operate sounds like a thank you letter to music itself. 

Second Player Score - Game On


Mozart Gabriel - Operate




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