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Music By Idiots and Shrimp Eyes Reviewed

Music By Idiots and Shrimp Eyes Reviewed

Music By Idiots – Brutal Ungdom (andante)

Genre: Alternative Rock

What do you do when you find out that your friend has been listening to Sabaton? Sure, at first, you panic. You think of ways to erase their name from your phonebook. And, while there is no way to find true understanding for such a heinous crime against music, you decide that surely your friend has a deep-rooted problem that a simple chat, or even therapy, cannot easily cure. 

See, most of us like to think the best of people. It’s not that we’re optimists. It’s not that we’re looking for positive vibrations to guide us through life. No, no. We’re just scared. We’re afraid of banal evil like common thuggery. We are edgy about the fact that others may carry great hatred in their souls and may choose to act on it against ourselves or other people. 

Music By Idiots’ “Brutal Ungdom (andante)” feels like a soundtrack to evil blossoming in someone’s heart. It sounds mangled, ugly, and deranged. But it’s not fully formed just yet. It’s the Nordic threat set to a soundtrack of a shamanic ceremony. It’s the music that ought to accompany a movie about a person developing into a monster, someone that will one day… end up listening to Sabaton without thinking that was funny. 

Shrimp Eyes – Sunshine/Shadow

Similar artists: Tame Impala, The Strokes, The CureKing Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Pond

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

People who are fortunate to have the kind of brain chemistry that allows them to have a balanced, regular existence are blessed. But they’re often very bored. They may do well to consider voluntarily introducing a very small dose of paranoia within their normal activities. Just act like children and make believe you’re being chased by secret service personnel or that you’re trying to solve a murder mystery. 

A bit of imagination goes a long way in making life more enjoyable. After all, things have meaning only when we decide that they do. The same thing can be said about pop music. Plenty of it is really cleverly designed. Or, it involves people bragging about their level of skill. However, little of it sounds like it is made by people solving a mystery or being chased by spies. And that would be an improvement over much of regular radio songs. 

Shrimp Eyes’ “Sunshine/Shadow” sounds like the soundtrack that the band has written for a murder mystery show that they are secretly developing and keeping on the hush from fans. It features a brilliant back-and-forth between the two vocalists, as well as one of the catchiest choruses that you’re bound to hear all week. But it also gives the impression that it’s all of a dark origin. If it turns out that it is not, the band shouldn’t say anything about it. This just helped our enjoyment of the music. 

Music By Idiots - Brutal Ungdom (andante)


Shrimp Eyes - Sunshine/Shadow




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