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Way Down Here: Muskeg Mudsuck and Supergloom Reviewed

Muskeg Mudsuck and Supergloom Reviewed

Supergloom – Second Coming

Similar artists: Turnover, PUP, Culture Abuse, Slaughter Beach, Dog, Spiritual Cramp

Genre: Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, Surf Rock

Supergloom may not have it all figured out, but their music certainly makes them appear to be the most interesting people in any crowded room. 

Everyone who has worked in the music industry is absolutely convinced that they know how to sell a band or artist. They’ve done it and/or seen others do it. They believe that it’s only a matter of feeding the audience what they’ve expressed a desire for on other occasions. They’ll tell you that it’s not much more difficult than simple arithmetics. 

The ones who take on the advice of these experts end up writing 15-second Tik-Tok jingles with songs wrapped around them. They write songs that always begin with the chorus. And, they attempt to make their tunes have a universal message by eliminating any trace of personal experience from it. It’s a bit of a bore!

You may not know who Supergloom are, but “Second Coming” makes them sound like the kind of people that over-ambitious writers write novels about. There’s no incredible hook here, but the lyrics, the delivery, and the instrumental keeping those afloat are entirely original choices. It’s the sound of people who have a life and actually brought it into the studio with them. Imagine that!

Muskeg Mudsuck – E Pluribus Unum

Similar artists: The Gun Club, Cramps, Minutemen

Genre: Indietronica, Garage Rock

For most of human history, the moment you heard music, you were supposed to be terrified. Sounds of drums and horns were used to announce trampling armies coming your way. The kings and queens had court music playing when they were holding the kind of parties where people’s heads would easily come off. 

These traditions carried into the 20th Century. Blues was the music of the devil, with Robert Johnson selling his very soul at the crossroads in exchange for the gift of being able to play it. Then rock took over The Horned-One’s demands. Groups had to race against each other using dark lyrics, scary costumes, and, on occasion, arson and murder just to be considered terrifying. 

But that’s a distant memory. Modern music has cleaned up. Even extreme metal bands get their allocated time on state-owned radio and television and don’t much wish to rock the boat. 

With this in mind, Muskeg Mudsuck’s “E Pluribus Unum” is the work of a blues extremist. The slide blues licks may be familiar, but the ghostly pallor is something new. This is patriotic, throaty blues meant to sound like it comes from the depths of the Earth. It’s not often you hear someone determined to still experiment with sound and with the effects it can have on the psyche. 

Supergloom - Second Coming


Muskeg Mudsuck - E Pluribus Unum




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