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My First Time and Left on Tenth Reviewed

My First Time and Left on Tenth Reviewed

My First Time – Workwear

Similar artists: FEET, Home Counties, Courting, Lime Garden, English Teacher

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

First-world problems are fascinating and ones that the rest of the countries of the world hope to one day acquire. But just because they are silly doesn’t mean that they are not real. And just because they’re funny to consider doesn’t mean that they are not ridiculous. So, while the standard of living may be a problem, internet addiction, and buyer fatigue are not things with which most people have to deal. 

 You’d think that the rich kids who spend their lives as slaves to brands are merely a way in which karma works its magic. Regardless, these are the folks you encounter strolling through London’s busy malls, the folks who prop up a shrivelling economy, and the people for whom most political choices are made. First-world problems are hilarious, but they’re also quite real and tragic. 

That’s why it’s good to laugh about it once in a while. In 2024, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a catchier song about rampant consumption than My First Time’s “Workwear.” A modern tale of keeping up with the Joneses, the song has something that should make you think of the great British rock singles. It’s direct, catchy, and charisma-filled. And what about the first-world problems? Well, if somebody dies just to fit in a designer dress, that would be hilarious and mighty sad as well. 

Left on Tenth – Death by Delight

Similar artists: The Black Keys, The Cat Empire

Genre: Blues, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock

Most of us and all of the things that we love are bound to be called old-fashioned by someone. It eventually happens to all of us, no matter how cool were once deemed to be. As for the trendy pop sounds that you admire so much, don’t bet on being able to share them with your grandchildren without making them chuckle. There are very few things that are truly meant to last the test of time. 

Pop music, especially, is disposable. It’s a system that was created purposely this way. It needs new trends to be kept going. It needs excitement to get people to spend their money on tickets, records, and t-shirts. 

Still, through the maddening dash of pop music through various trends, there have been a few that could never be questioned. These sounds carry with them the essence of pop music. And thus, regardless of their time of birth, they will always contain power. 

Left on Tenth’s “Death by Delight” blend of blues and soul may not be one of the main talking points when discussing modern pop music. But these are the kinds of sounds that few listeners will actively want to resist. Left on Tenth’s sound blends raw emotion, drama and the desire to entertain. When put together, it’s hard for them not to draw a smile and invite a tear. If you can get an audience feeling that, you’re bound to make a connection. 

My First Time - Workwear


Left on Tenth - Death by Delight




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