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Culture from your trash: Nasty Party and MANCHO reviewed

Nasty Party and MANCHO reviewed

MANCHO – I Found Out (John Lennon  Cover)

MANCHO has set up quite a task for himself. Using his quirky, psychedelic-rock he aims to dissect and put back together with John Lennon’s most bizarre and, arguably best, solo record John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.

The original record sounds both lush, courtesy of the production and arrangement tips provided by Phil Spector, and terrifying, courtesy of the drug withdrawals and band breakup that Lennon and his wife/collaborator, Yoko Ono, were going through. MANCHO’s versions of the songs capture the work’s dualistic nature and sprinkle a bit of humour on top.

I found out is a stand out track on a record filled with them. It’s also one that casual fans will not be familiar with, making it fertile ground for a reinterpretation. 

MANCHO brings out the eeriness of the song. Technically, he’s playing just about everything as it was recorded. But the choices of instrumentation, from the toy piano to the distorted guitar and the reverb-soaked vocals, make it a trippy listening experience. The end result is both respectful towards Lennon’s work, and perfectly displays the creativity with which MANCHO is blessed. 

Nasty Party – What The Fuck Are You Into?

Nasty Party are on a noble quest for power-pop gold and in no hurry to find it. They’re not above nicking a few good melodies, but they’re determined to get the sonic values of punk on their side for good measure. Foul language, punchy guitars and a song duration that will not exceed its welcome are all packed into their single What The Fuck Are You Into?

If that is not enough to make you giddy with excitement, Nasty Party have also assembled a video consisting of dance moves from some of your favourite 90s teen-coms. Here’s a band who provides bang for the buck.

I, personally, dig it. So, where does this all leave us in terms of music? Well, first of all, with a catchy single that sounds like Marc Bolan discovering punk and going a bit tone-deaf in his old age. Secondly, with a band that shows plenty of promise. 

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