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That nasty punk sound! New music reviews – August 2020

Labelled Dead - My Neighbours Hate Me

Labelled Dead – My Neighbours Hate Me

Labelled Dead make Grunge, Alternative Rock. They’re inspired by Dinosaur Pile-Up, Black Foxxes, Milk Teeth, Sick Joy, False Advertising. Here’s our review of My Neighbours Hate Me.

Was born to be a definite prick!” goes the line in Labelled Dead’s ode to their hateful neighbors. It’s juvenile, yes, and rock n’ roll needs more of this!

You can call it antiintellectualism all you like, but the guitar, bass, and drums used as a weapon against a heartless world are always going to get a thumbs up in my book. Yeah, plus, this one’s catchy as an STD in a cathouse.

Digital Feedback – So Far Away

Digital Feedback is a pop-punk band inspired by Blink 182 and Green Day. Here’s a review of their single “So far away”.

When pop goes pop, it goes really really pop. Digital Feedback is a punk group inspired by Green Day and, probably, other of the groups that made it big around the turn of the millenium.

I admit we are suckers for this formula. I am sure this is more popcentric than they planned it to turn out. But, we love their energy, the clean production, and we’re always good for supporting a punk group, no matter how pop.

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