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Tools to destroy the world: New Age Healers and Doc Backer review

New Age Healers and Doc Backer review

Doc Backer – Pane

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Frankie Valli, Nirvana, Lou Reed

It’s incredible how little you can control. It’s also frightening. For the most part, regardless of your effort, you will be at the mercy of uncaring powers that you cannot influence. For the most part, you’ll be swimming against the tide, praying that you’ll muster the strength to avoid going under. 

A lot of people are surprised about how many folks still desire to make music or engage in other creative activities. How could this not be appealing? Writing and recordings songs involves a complete amount of control. If it doesn’t, you’re not opting for the right acquaintances. Making music means combining any genre and, regardless of what social media might have you believe, say just about anything. How about that ownership?

Doc Backer’s Pane presents a poet whose idea of a good, rocking good time is mixing grunge sounds with the vocal melodies of 50s doo-wop. Why not try it? It’s the musical equivalent of cutting out the mountains of Norway and placing them right next to the sunny beaches of Spain. Daredevil tricks are allowed here, and that’s what still makes music-making appealing to both the listeners and creators. 

New Age Healers – Scars

Genre: Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Ladytron, GVSB, Ride, NoMeansNo

Some of the most ridiculous and popular videos on YouTube have someone pretend to react to first hearing an incredibly famous song. The vloggers share precious insights such as “Wow” or “I can’t believe this” before asking you to like and subscribe. Some people love these things. 

However, most music fans are insulted by this. The average music fan can likely recognize hundreds of songs from the very first 2-3 seconds of a recording. The average music fan has heard all the classic hits and knows why they appreciate a song and don’t. 

New Age Healers’ Scars is work done by people who sound as if they could recite thousands of alternative-rock songs by the part played by each instrument. It’s an excellently produced sound but also a song that was masterfully written by people who might spend the rent money on acquiring records and gear. If rock n’ roll naivety is something you enjoy, it’s unlikely that you’ll find it here. Instead, you’ll discover a lean, aggressive sound delivered with confidence. 

Doc Backer - Pane


New Age Healers - Scars




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