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New punk bands – July releases 2020

Tablefox Desire or Love

Tablefox – Desire or Love

The new-Zealand post-punk outfit, Tablefox, build their song on the kind of discordant riffs and chord sequences usually avoided by their lighter pop-punk counterparts. But, there’s a familiar bang that comes in time of the chorus which most punk groups look to master.

The band are seasoned-pros, and this accounts for the fact that they’ve shadowed bands like James and Big Country on live occasions. It’s worth a listen!

Ocean Eyes – Call me

Ocean Eyes sound like a studied version of 2000’s pop-punk. The song is catchy and feels ready propel towards an exploding crash of vocals and distorted guitars at any moment.

But, pop-punk production has come a long way, and it never lets this song get exceedingly nasty. Still, there’s plenty for melodic punk fans to be happy with the song.

Jamie Stoffa – 13

Jamie Stoffa, former member of a plethora of hardcore groups, isn’t playing this one cool. Instead, he’s baring his soul, like a punk singer’s breakup testimonial. Beyond the emotional details, this is a skilled venture featuring well-mixed vocals, guitar, and busy drum tracks.

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