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Barny Smyth (Newtown Aces) – Full-time punk-rocker on a life rescued by music

newtown aces - punk rock interview

The Newtown Aces are revivalists of a punk-era that never truly existed. Influenced as much by their youth spent playing in the U.K. music scene, as well as by a fascination with the post-punk and new-wave greats, the Aces have produced a debut record that’s the closest thing to what a debut from one of their heroes, Killing Joke, the Slits, or Gang of Four would have sounded like had they had the opportunity to use 2021 recording techniques.

Barny Smyth spoke to Alt77 and provided an in-depth look at a life rescued by music. Raised in a British newtowns, cities that had sprung up after WWII that were the home of factory workers, Smyth offered himself a front-row ticket at the birth of British punk rock. He played in numerous bands as a guitarist and bass player.

The interview sees Smyth recall tales of his youth working as a professional roadie, first for the talented, but notoriously volatile Terence Trent D’Arby, as well as a stint in management. The Newtown Ace also talks about what the recent pandemic restrictions have meant for him, and how these, together with his lifelong passion for playing, have made him create the punk-rock group alongside Dist of Elephant Assault Course.

The Future Sound of Punk their debut album is the work of a hungry band, the kind that lays its heart on the line and delivers all of its best ideas, fully aware that the future is unknown.

This new episode of the Alt77 podcast is a look into the inner workings of Barny Smyth, original and unswayed disciple of punk-rock.

Listen to Newtown Aces’ debut, The Future Sound of Punk here:

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