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With mud on our side: Nitrozenfish and The Misconfigurations reviewed

Nitrozenfish and The Misconfigurations reviewed

The Misconfigurations – It Pertains To Silence Now

Genre: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Iggy Pop, David Bowie

When David Bowie and Iggy Pop travelled to central Europe to make some of their most treasured records they didn’t consider the continent’s previous glory. No, in fact, they seemed enthralled by its current decadence. 

The world had descended into squalor. And, they were giddy about being the ones to document its downfall. This hardly seemed the moment to use up their old rock n’ roll tricks either. Those wouldn’t do!

Swiss group The Misconfigurations use a similar philosophy for the single It Pertains To Silence Now. Marc Holthuizen leans on the tension of his poetry and on the current imperious darkness of The Old Continent for inspiration. 

Nitrozenfish – How do we fix this

Genre: Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Nirvana, Slipknot, The White Stripes, President of the United States, Toadies, Royal Blood

Conspiracies have existed throughout history. They usually work really well for the people that orchestrate them. But, in order for them to be efficient, only one thing has to happen. Nobody needs to consider their likelihood, and the ones that do must appear to be crazy. 

Even if conspiracies don’t turn out to be true, the speculative nature of discussing them makes for good rock song subject matter. The adversarial relationship between the artist and the world is at the heart of many of the genre’s greatest records. 

Romanian duo Nitrozenfish picks up their love of grungey, garage-rock, and an unhealthy obsession with the world going to hell in a handbasket on How do we fix this. To paraphrase one of their heroes, simply being crazy, doesn’t make paranoia wholly unjustified. 

Their stance on world politics isn’t the only thing of note here. Nitrozenfish craft a muscular, heavily distorted tone that ought to get fists shaking and heads banging. 

The Misconfigurations - It Pertains To Silence Now


Nitrozenfish - How do we fix this




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