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What to do with an electric guitar: No More Winters and Foxx Bodies reviewed

No More Winters and Foxx Bodies reviewed

Foxx Bodies – BPD

Genre: Punk

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rock star. Or, frankly any sort of star in the entertainment business. It wasn’t the money that I was after. Sadly, I was hardly ever thinking of the satisfaction of creating great art. Not even a potential romantic interest didn’t tickle my fancies. 

I now realized that being a star meant being given special treatment by people. Whether they pretend to, or not, folks who interview stars take an interest in their lives, their reading habits, their diets. They also empathize with the hardships that they go through. How incredible it must feel to receive the warm embrace of understanding from strangers. 

The truth is that the world, for the majority of us, is a much less caring place. Foxx Bodies address this with their song BPD, a tune about border personality disorder and the difficulties of facing everyday challenges while suffering from this. There’s heart, humor, and hope for a greater understanding. 

No More Winters – Ain’t so Bad

Genre: Garage Rock

Soundtracks for big-budget movies and advertisements really tell you what kind of music a band makes. Bands who presented themselves as punk-rock ended up having their music being played in kid’s movies. Prog-rock wizards made into silly comedies. Soul kings ended up having their music sell chocolate cakes. 

Blues-derived garage-rock, for the most part, has been used as the soundscape for the bad guys looking to charm their way through life. As Lux Interior tried to warn us, this is bad music designed for and by bad people. Despite the bluesy riffs, the advertisement world knew what this kind of artform was from the very beginning.  

It’s music made by those that haven’t lost hope in what rock n’ roll promised to be initially. No more winters’ Ain’t so bad feels like the soundtrack to tires screeching loudly off the road. The song is purposely created to sound nasty and rebellious. And, that’s the reason why hearing the “Woo, woo” of the chorus fit alongside a commercial for jeans, a sports car, or a new energy drink wouldn’t surprise us much. The world needs its rebels or at least sounds that make them feel like ones themselves. 

Foxx Bodies - BPD


No More Winters - Ain't so Bad




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