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Premiere of the No Pterodactyls’ new single “Class Five”

No Pterodactyls Class Five

I can tell you from personal experience, that by the time many musicians realized that the little punk rock scene was not going to get them much crossover success, they were busy buying sunglasses, skinny ties, and passing themselves out as indie rock instead. It usually worked out in their favour. Turns out that the public prefers indie to punk, in the same way, that they’d rather buy a Starbucks coffee than visit a dingy little coffee place. 

No Pterodactyls face a conundrum. Yes, some of their music owes a great debt to the indie-rock sound that’s been very popular ever since the Strokes strut in their designer jeans on to magazines the world over. 

But, No Pterodactyls aren’t harmless enough to appeal to the demographic I previously described. They sound like they’re looking for a fight. Much of that comes true from the singer’s voice and demeanour. He seems too clever and pissed off to take the stage merely to entertain the kids who’ve outgrown hanging out at the mall. Frankly, yes, the band does deserve better. 

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