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Space and time: No Sunshine Collective and Hether | Alternative music reviews

No Sunshine Collective and Hether

Hether – dirty claws

Genre: Surf Rock, Lo-fi Rock

At some point, it was musicians themselves that realized that selling records could be a legitimate career choice. And not only that, but once the record industry became established, it meant that musicians didn’t necessarily have to drift from town to two like the old minstrels. If played right, record sales alone could help them purchase the car or apartment of their dreams. 

You can’t fault someone for wanting to make a living. However, this did mean that songwriters suddenly opted for side careers as accountants, lawyers, and investors. This certainly helped a lot of musicians get ripped off a lot less often. However, it also meant that the rock world became normalized and harmless. 

Hether’s dirty claws sound like garage-psychedelic music made by people that you wouldn’t trust to guard your bottle of Aspirin. It’s music made in the grand old tradition of letting freaks with a love of loud, colorful music take the reins. And, it is music that is beautifully faceless in the same way that you never really figured out which bands got on to the Nuggets compilations. 

No Sunshine Collective – Old Radio

Similar artists: Weezer, Dinosaur Jr, Foo Fighters

Genre: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

If you are not passionate about modern music, you may be forgiven for wondering why all of these talented people insist on being involved with something that is so taxing and demanding and, often, doesn’t reward them in the way that they would deserve. Sure, things didn’t use to be this way, but everything changes, and sometimes it’s not for the better. 

Why do all these people come back for more punishment? Well, my theory is that it’s the magic that brings them back. I do not use the word lightly or pejoratively. We live in a world where people are desperately hanging on to something which they can believe. Some join cults, some follow politicians, and some buy a juicer. But aren’t the people that can get that high from a record the ones that have it the best?

No Sunshine Collective’s Old Radio perfectly captures the hope that a great song can bring to an individual and the incredible sense of elation. Listening to a great new song changes someone chemically and psychologically. It’s this precise form of excitement that No Sunshine Collective have to bring to their ode. And rest assured, just like a boxer finding the resources to withstand a final round of shots to the head, they find their way out of this. 

Hether - dirty claws


No Sunshine Collective - Old Radio




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