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Ran away all night: Noble Savage and Caley Conway reviewed

Noble Savage and Caley Conway reviewed

Caley Conway – I Love You So Much I Don’t Want to See You

What’s the most heartful way that you’ve ever been rejected? Is it hard to pick a favourite out of a list of worthwhile nominees? I answered “yes” myself, but never have I had the opportunity of someone doing it with the line as suave as “I Love You So Much I Don’t Want to See You“.

Make no mistake. This is almost uncharted territory when it comes to pop songwriting. After all, the majority of the songs that have made any notable impression on audiences across the world have either tended to speak of love or the loss of love, but rarely about voluntarily passing up on someone’s affections. 

That aside, Caley Conway’s I Love You So Much I Don’t Want to See You is masterfully crafted and confidently performed. It’s the kind of breezy folk-rock that is worth taking notice of, and not merely because of the terrific performance abilities, but because of the gentle, interesting way in which the artist is able to decipher and unknot such complicated topics. 

NOBLE SAVAGE – Take a Walk with Fate

It’s hard to pin down just the moment that it happened, but it must have been somewhere during the 1980s. Up until that time, goth-rock had shared much of punk’s anger and lack of belief in contemporary society. But, then, with bands like the Cure closing in on taking the mantle of “thinking man’s arena rock band” from the likes of Pink Floyd, goth began incorporating big, majestic orchestration. 

This new sense of hope really lit the imagination of many of the artists within the scene. The kind of instrumental flourishes that would define this new direction that had been hinted at by the likes of David Bowie and Krautrock groups like Kraftwerk. However, here was the whole regal darkness of bands like Bauhaus fully crystallized. 

Noble Savage music seems to live in that particular and special period of music-making. Take a walk with fate prizes big, aethereal orchestration above everything else, while the vocals decry the loss of human identity in a quickly changing world. Very fashionable gloom indeed. 

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