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Punkin’ about: Odd Holiday and Slim Tin Fox release new singles

Odd Holiday and Slim Tin Fox release new singles

Odd Holiday – Skulls In The Attic 

Did the Misfits have any singles in their original, Ganzig-lead incarnation? Was every song a single? That’s what it sounded like, although the band was mostly busy drumming up local support through mail-in orders, fanzine interviews, and the lot. 

That sound that the Misfits created is undeniable. I’m certainly not the only one that thinks this. Many groups actively take inspiration from them. Some of them go full in on the gory aspects of their lyrics, such as the psychobilly groups. Others, like Odd Holiday, take some of the lyrical content and many of the catchy, melodic aspects of their songwriting and translate them to their own language. 

Skulls in the attic” is that kind of song. It’s instantly pleasing to the ear. It has a bit of an edge, but it’s not campy. And, like the Misfits Mk. 1, it punches a hole in the wall and quickly moves on. 

Slim Tin Fox – Hometown Blues

We’ve reviewed the Irish punk band Slim Tin Fox once before. What have they been up to since then, and what’s going on new single Hometown Blues‘ you ask? 

Well, fans of fast rhythms and power chords can rest assured, the group is still hanging its songwriting hat on these. They also sound nastier, less patient with the world, like someone fated to spend time in the same boozer, with the same characters, for too long. 

Hometown Blues also draws some inspiration from 70s hard-rock. There’s a pummelling quality to these blues-successor riffs that get further accentuated by the vocals. There’s plenty of character to them. It makes for something more than a simple pub altercation. It’s the argument before the fight. 

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