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Pop therapy: Orchid Mantis and S.C.A.B. reviews

Orchid Mantis and S.C.A.B. reviews

S.C.A.B. – Why Do I Dream Of You

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Dream Pop

Similar artists: Women, Parquet Courts, Deeper, The Strokes, Palm

The first time you get into a car as a newly licensed driver, you’re likely to feel an immense thrill and a bit of fear when you press down on the accelerator. You’ve always known that a car can do that, but you didn’t know it. The feeling should remain a pleasant surprise for a while to come. 

Rock music must have provided the same kind of adrenalin rush. We have now experimented with these sounds in every way possible. We know what to expect. But, don’t be sad. This means that the constants that papers have been written about can be used by the most skilled songwriters to create something beautiful and grown-up. 

S.C.A.B.’s Why Do I Dream Of You takes the tricks learned through post-punk and garage-rock, slices off the edges, and produces the kind of romantic ballad akin to Roy Orbison. Sure, this all involves a number of contrasting elements to come together, but the blend works perfectly when they do meet. We know what rock music can provide, and we expect songs that have these qualities. 

Orchid Mantis – How Long Will It Take

Similar artists: Beach House, The Radio Dept.

Genre: Chillwave, Shoegaze, Dream Pop

I assume that there must have been a lot of workarounds in the early days of pop music that allowed people to listen to music whenever they wanted to hear it. Stereo systems were large, record players required electricity and slabs of vinyl. It took a while for sound systems to become truly portable. 

And, even then, for the average music consumer, the selection was limited. Unless you’d figured out a way to steal music, you needed to purchase every record. And, unless you had a bottomless pit of money at your disposal, your funds would be used up quite quickly. It would all leave you at the mercy of the radio. 

Nowadays, however, people are used to hearing music all the time, based on their moods and feelings. Music is meant to relax you, chill pop music is as readily available as running water. But, it takes skill to write this kind of music. Orchid Mantis’ How Long Will It Take creates the kind of ambiance that your brain may well require while sitting in a warm room and preparing to go to sleep. It’s pop music as therapy, and it’s something that many have come to demand. 

S.C.A.B. - Why Do I Dream Of You 


Orchid Mantis - How Long Will It Take




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