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Slide back and backtrack: Östra Sjukhuset and Kid Dakota reviewed

Ostra Sjukhuset and Kid Dakota reviewed

Kid Dakota – Age of Roaches

Few countries are as beautiful as Ukraine. From the golden shores of Odesa to the charming old-Europe feel of Lviv, this is a gorgeous country. Still, if you’re anywhere near the capital of Kyiv, you’ll notice that the tour that, by far, receives the highest amount of interest from tourists is the one to visit Chernobyl, the site of one of humanity’s greatest disasters. 

Kid Dakota sounds like a lot that don’t get invited to many parties anymore. They aren’t exactly the people you call to lean on for emotional support in terms of a crisis. They’re prophets of doom swinging guitars. 

Age of Roaches seems, as far as I can gather, to speak of such a disaster where the only thing left crawling the Earth are the bugs. The detached singing and the mathematical precision of the instrumentation further add to the feeling of estrangement. If you’re not looking for any kind of pick me up, but some interesting indie-rock nonetheless, you might like to check these folks out. 

Östra Sjukhuset – Impotence Song

Just like you wouldn’t be advised to get into a drinking contest with an Irishman or a dispute over poetry with someone from France, you’re unlikely to want to challenge a musician from Sweden when it comes to pretty melodies or ice-cold soundscapes. 

Excuse us for perpetuating stereotypes, but, for reasons unknown, apart from the California natives, nobody has been able to come up with more exciting pop hooks than the old comfortable, yet perpetually depressed Swedes. 

Östra Sjukhuset resemble a complex AI system that has just analyzed all the discography of bands like Green Day, Weezer, and even those four Liverpool lads with their moptops and have created their own vibrant, ear-pleasing version with Impotence Song. As short and clever as an early Ramones number, this one is the dose of punk-rock espresso that your day may need. 

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