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Not enough time for love: and Thomas Dietzel review and Thomas Dietzel review – HOT AIR, HOT HEAD, HOT SHIT

Genre: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Gothic / Dark Wave create a combative, confrontational sound with their single HOT AIR, HOT HEAD, HOT SHIT.

Are post-punk and heavy-metal really that different? Both genres, most of the time, involve some form of aggressive performance. Artists from both bands tend to focus on the things that make them angry. And, consequently, both sound like the work of people looking to pick a fight. 

There are a few notable differences though. For one thing, the post-punk crowd really does sound like they mean it when they ask you outside for a brawl. Secondly, you can hear the words clearly. It’s not so much singing. It sounds like a drunken recitation of things worth being mad about. Finally, post-punk makes it sound like there’s no hope left. 

We love that kind of attitude in our alt music. reminds of The Birthday Party. That’s always a good thing! HOT AIR, HOT HEAD, HOT SHIT makes sound like a band that isn’t performing to a crowd. They’re threatening them! This is music made by people that are unconcerned about getting home safe. 

Thomas Dietzel – UK Beach Party

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Rock

Thomas Dietzel uses post-punk as a passport for wild inventiveness with the single UK Beach Party.

You have to feel a bit sorry for the bands that got successful with one particular sound. The majority of them are married to their genre. Their livelihood depends on their fans. And, their fans won’t tolerate them branching out, experimenting, or occasionally failing. 

For many of the first-generation punk-rockers, there was only so much that could be done within the original confines of the genre. Play enough and you’re bound to get better. Play the same thing enough times and you’re bound to get bored. 

This is where Thomas Dietzel is at the moment. UK Beach Party stays true to the idea of complete freedom. This is a David Byrne-like investigation of sound and sunny imagery. It features the bass playing of the kind of musician that ended wishing they played in a funk band and the kind of singing that belongs to a would-be art student. Thomas Dietzel’s attitude towards alt-rock music is “Why not?“. There’s plenty to be learned from that viewpoint. - HOT AIR, HOT HEAD, HOT SHIT


Thomas Dietzel - UK Beach Party




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