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Planning to reach you: Paul Bäcklin and Idle Lane review

Paul Bäcklin and Idle Lane review

Idle Lane – Welcome To My World

Genre: 90s Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Oasis, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains

Idle Lane celebrate rock’s anthemic potential on the single Welcome To My World.

Ain’t it strange to consider the power of a simple electric guitar? How many powerless teenagers have had their lives changed by learning to play an open E chord? How many soft-pop acts have been put out of business by the same sound?

The modest electric guitar has done a lot for us. With so much history behind us, all that we’re left with is to learn from it. The records are all there. Anyone can learn from them. Still, few manage just the right moves, the appropriate sounds to make new generations have their lives changed. 

Idle Lane could well be one of those judging by the sound of Welcome To My World. The Canadians sound like your best friend’s band. The single sounds like the song they ask you to listen to. You nod along politely until you realize the tune is great. And, it all must’ve started with learning an open E chord. Idle Luna finds the perfect kind of simplicity for their work. 

Paul Bäcklin – Penguin

Genre: Grunge, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Courtney Barnett, Cake

Paul Bäcklin delivers a charming 90s alt-rock inspired tune with the single Penguin.

Throughout it’s relatively short, but illustrious history, rock music has been a way for writers to connect. It’s helped motormouth thrill-seekers find like-minded daredevils. Modern minstrels have found an audience for their storytelling. And, maladjusted, smart writers have found friends. 

The last category is the most interesting. This is not only because of the fact that their work is usually very carefully crafted. It’s fascinating to observe how these people gather legions of fans in spite of their desire for solitude. 

Swedish songwriter Paul Bäcklin seems to cut out of similar cloth. The bluesy, funny, emotional song Penguin is an ode to the underappreciated spoils of seclusion. It’s a simple, smart tune that recalls 90s alt-rock groups like Cake. It may even end up providing Paul Bäcklin with what he fears most, attention. 

Idle Lane - Welcome To My World


Paul Bäcklin - Penguin




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