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Same as it always was: Paul Weinfield and Karen Culi reviewed by Alt77

Paul Weinfield and Karen Culi reviewed by Alt77

Karen Culi – Here We Are

Genre: Pop Rock, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Learn to play guitar and, possibly, take over the world! It used to sound so simple, even though it was never entirely like that. But, after all, girls and boys just like you, from all over the world, have created great futures for themselves on the strength of being able to put words together, sing them, and strum a guitar in the meantime. 

The only trick, regularly, was that you had to come up with the kinds of songs that radios would want to play and that millions across the world would choose as a language that represented them. It wasn’t something that should’ve sounded like too tall of an order. After all, the world was always waiting for great songs that featured guitars and talked about universal truths. 

The world has certainly changed and not entirely for the better. Karen Culi, a new artist, though, approaches her career as if nothing has occurred. She writes big songs with big hooks. She plays lead guitar and integrates it tastefully. And, on Here We Are she coms good with a song that sounds like it could’ve been written and presented in just about any decade in popular music. It takes bravery and brains to come up with something like this, and Ms Culi possesses both of those characteristics. 

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Paul Weinfield – What Isn’t Given Away Is Lost

Genre: Indie Folk, Classic Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Would-be rock prophets come in many guises. Some start their work envisioning a cult for themselves, while for others their ambition helps things fall into place. Some are not around to witness the effect of their words, while others get contested and get nicknamed Judas at the height of their powers. 

Why do these rock cults spring up? For better or worse, it is because many people are looking for the truth or something that hints towards it. The majority of the folks that make up the general public will usually settle for whatever they’ve been given. 

However, there are still songwriters that boldly aim their gaze towards universal truths. Paul Weinfield is one such artist, and unlike the majority of the pleasant indie-folk songwriters of the era, he seems truly convinced by his words on the What Isn’t Given Away Is Lost, a Buddhist chant of a folk song that could be the basis for being his cult, or an excuse to read poetry to willing, pretty girls. 

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