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Ferocious allure: Pauline Andres and Bad Mothers reviewed

Pauline Andres and Bad Mothers reviewed

Bad Mothers – Everything is Alright

Genre: Hard Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock

People look towards lawyers, doctors, and architects and gush about their intellect and about how long it must have taken to acquire the skills and degrees required to profess. Sure, it’s true. I wouldn’t want someone to be watching a DYI video before performing surgery on anyone. 

However, I worry that pop-art isn’t given quite the same credit. Sure, people look t rock musicians, for example, as lion-tamer types who like to take unnecessary risks in front of a crowd. Yet, the really good ones have practised on plenty of lions before attempting anything resembling a similar act in front of a paying audience. 

Bad Mothers sound like a group that has spent a lot of time perfecting their sound, the great vocals particularly. Everything is Alright is disco-grunge. It sounds like Chris Cornell’s Scream record with the guitars all left in. But, damn, is that howl large enough to pile n top of every dance groove the band might wish to produce. 

Pauline Andres – She

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Rock, Emo

The world developed and survived because of stories that we tell each other. The most glamorous and vivid of these stories that enough people were willing to tell at the same time formed the very fabric of society. In other words, we are tied to each other by the tall tales and fabrications that we were all, at one point or another, willing to believe. 

There’s no way that stories are about to disappear. Yet, the ones that affected the childhood of many generations may soon get a makeover. These stories were parables of good and evil, filled with violence, mischief, and consequences of one’s actions. In the future where every story will have to open and end in the same way, there may not be enough leeway for these colourful yarns to be spun. 

Pauline Andres digs into the archaic and primordial with her tale of Baba Yaga on the single She. There’s something equally gruesome and alluring about the performance, much like the fairy stories themselves. Andres delivers a ferocious performance that feels cut from the very tapestry of rock music itself.

Bad Mothers - Everything is Alright


Pauline Andres - She




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