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The Jiggly Guru: Pearly Gates and alright then Reviewed

Pearly Gates and alright then Reviewed

alright then – Colouring House

Similar artists: Kevin Morby, Kurt Vile, Sarah Crean, Cat Ryan, Alex G

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk rock, Psychedelic Rock

alright then sounds like a child contemplating the mysteries of adulthood on the effortlessly produced “Colouring House.”

Usually, we look for rock stars in the same way that many of us look for cult leaders. We’re after someone who’s different from us and someone who promises to be more than we could ever be. Somehow, the idea of being subservient to someone’s wishes brings great comfort in a lot of us. 

This is, perhaps, the reason why rockstars are, ideally, presented as dark, gloomy figures. Like the poets or mystics of old, they are busy fighting against visions that will simply not let them out of their grip. 

If they are not morose hermits, they are the kinds of people who simply cannot be affected by life’s problems. All they do all day, so we are told, is to enjoy themselves. 

alright then’s “Colouring House” is a strange mix of good-natured and morose. This effortlessly performed indie-rock song has the innocence of childhood but also contains plenty of deep, heavy thoughts. It feels like a child being asked to describe what adulthood may be like getting scared, but telling us about it anyway. 

Pearly Gates – No Horn To Blow

Similar artists: The Kinks, Babe Rainbow, Foxygen, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Apples In Stereo

Genre: Jangle Pop, Garage Rock

Pearly Gates are funny, love The Kinks and come equipped with properly tuned guitars. They’re right – who knows how far all these things together can take them? 

People who actively work on developing their humour are either pleasantly entertaining or immensely entertaining. At best, they make others mildly warm to them because of their jokes and their nature. At worst, the people want to plot to murder them in various exotic ways. 

But what if you bring a guitar into the mix? Well, both those things are just amplified, of course. If you’re like Ray Davies and can attach your jokes to beautiful melodies, you get a Rolly Royce. If you’re one of the many comedian hacks making their jokes over a musical beat, chances are somebody may want to try to break your kneecap. 

Pearly Gates’ “No Horn To Blow” is funny, 1960s obsesses and filled with gorgeous melodies. While it occasionally overestimates the merits of its own charm, clearly, there’s plenty of charm here. Pearly Gates have every reason to be confident and believe that they’ll be heading giggling to the top. 

alright then - Colouring House


Pearly Gates - No Horn To Blow




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