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Struck from beyond: People Mover and mel denisse review

People Mover and mel denisse review

mel denisse – Just The Same

Similar artists: Pvris

Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Alt Pop

Rock music is all about distorted sound and reality itself. The part about the sound is the easiest to understand. The grit in a singer’s voice, or the guitar’s tone, is mainly responsible for the genre to which a song subscribes. 

Reality is also distorted. Much of the way this happens depends on the time. The 1960s may have encouraged distorting reality toward creating an artificial paradise. In 2022, we let virtual worlds work as our target. 

Both of these things are in a constant state of flux. It’s great news for lifelong listeners of rock music. They shouldn’t ever grow bored. Not as long as they keep enough interest to keep their ears open to new sounds. 

mel denisse’s Just The Same is a modern way of distorting and shaping sound and reality. This is a warm, well-produced sound with grit hidden underneath the surface. The subject matter of the lyrics is much the same, reflecting our shared contribution to the ills of the world. It’s an example of rock’s constantly shifting shapes. 

People Mover – Not

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

You’ve heard most new music before. How could you not? Most new songs use familiar structures, lyrics, melodies, etc. They work within a format. It’s usually a format that has been proven to be effective. 

But pop music isn’t alone in being predictable. Most modern entertainment is a revamp of older material. Some of it is good. It is, however, rarely surprising. In fact, if you can’t guess the ending, chances are that something is very wrong with you. 

The reasons for doing these are simple. They are usually economically motivated. Proven formulas are well-tested. It costs less to create these projects. If they fail, a new, dusty plan can be taken from the drawer. 

People Mover’s Not is not a typical pop song. In fact, it sounds like a child making up music on the spot. In other words, it’s wholly original. It is emotional not to draw support but instead because it feels like the musicians know no other way to go about their work. 

mel denisse - Just The Same


People Mover - Not




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