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Something to talk about: Persona 749 and New Rome – alternative music reviews

Persona 749 and New Rome - alternative music reviews

New Rome – Bully

Genre:  Post-Punk, 90s Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Jeff Buckley, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bi-2, Kino, Aquarium, BCNR, IDLES, Nirvana, Soundgarden

Touring has been making your favorite rock stars uninteresting. Sure, they might have been fat and lazy before that. But the endless cycle of playing live has done something much worse.

It has made rock stars have little to talk about. Sure, they could write songs about how much money they earn per show. They could comment on the state of the economy. These are things they should know well. 

But I doubt many would want to hear those songs. A prerequisite for artists has enough interesting experiences from which to draw. The modern lifestyle of rock stars doesn’t provide much of that. 

New Rome’s Bully is a deeply harrowing tale but also an interesting one. It’s the work of artists that are compelled to tell their stories. These are stories are relatable and heartbreaking. You won’t find many of those on the top promoted releases of this year. Better stop trying. Might as well invest in the grunge drama and the Jeff Buckleyesque vocal delivery found on New Rome’s singles. 

Persona 749 – Faster

Genre: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

Most modern musicians have no business telling the truth. They wouldn’t know where to start. And, after all, few people want them to attempt this. Most listeners are looking for some kind of fantasy. It only makes sense. 

The few that stubbornly stick to making music with a message usually fail. Most of the time, they don’t have enough interesting things to say. If they do, it’s hard to fit political commentary into a danceable beat. 

This leaves a short minority that can sketch out the faces on the subway and do it with sound, no less. They’re a rare breed. This lot doesn’t usually end up in bands. They’re busy observing the world around them. 

Persona 749’s Faster is an unnerving piece of psycho-babble and social commentary set to a disorientating beat. It often feels like the song will break down. It often feels like the singer will break down. They make it towards the end. Persona 749 are post-punk-revivalists that write pop-rock with the gravitas of Jim Morrisson, the drunkard from The Doors. 

New Rome - Bully


Persona 749 - Faster




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