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Riff stew: Pi Fire and Black Citrus reviewed

Pi Fire and Black Citrus reviewed

Black Citrus – Dionysus’ Eyes

Genre: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal / Sludge

Max Cavalera tells the story of how he, and his brother Igor, saved up on money to buy a guitar. The purpose was to start a band using the few records that they owned as inspiration. Upon completion of the difficult task of acquiring the funds for the instrument, they were shocked by the weak sound that it produced. Turns out that they needed an amplifier as well. 

I ran into a similar issue upon the purchase of my first electric six-string. The wait required to be able to get a hold of an amp was excruciating. But, the moment that guitar gets plugged into the speaker, and it meets the distortion, courtesy of the amp or of an additional pedal, the world turns technicolour. Or, was that dark grey. I get the two mixed up sometimes. 

Nowhere is that zest for creating overpowering, punishing guitar riffs more evident than in doom metal and sludge. Lithuanian outfit Black Citrus have learned these dark arts and they proudly exhibit them on their single Dionysus’ Eyes. Whether you’re searching for a soundtrack to your ganja holidays, acquiring the dark arts yourself, or looking for a punishing, sludgy good-time, Black Citrus will provide. 

Pi Fire – Planet Of Exultant Scum

Genre: Punk, Post-Metal, Alternative Rock

Any good artistic movement needs a target, an enemy, something to fight. For punk-rock the easiest culprit to pick on was prog. Progressive-rock hadn’t exactly outstayed its welcome. Yes and Jethro Tull were still selling out small arenas. But, just like a college professor joining students for a night out at the nudie bar, it had certainly made itself unwelcome by making others feel ill at ease. 

It’s just that you have those things hush-hush, like an embarrassing infection or a habit best not mentioned among polite company. Faith No More, for example, presented themselves as a heavy metal group when they hit the road with Metallica and Guns n’ Roses back in the 1990s. No sooner would they hit the stage, that audiences were treated to a version of metal that included highly technical singing, complex time signatures, bizarre lyrics and advanced instrumental parts. 

All punk rockers that stick around long enough begin nurturing thoughts of becoming prog rockers. Pi Fire are one of those. They’re also grand jokers with a nihilistic edge as can be heard on Planet Of Exultant Scum, a song featuring the obligatory +6 minute run time, and a kaleidoscope of grooves, and instrumental manoeuvres. Most punks end up punk-rockers and having to burn their “I hate Pink Floyd” t-shirts in good conscience. 

Black Citrus - Dionysus' Eyes


Pi Fire - Planet Of Exultant Scum




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