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Teenage groove: Picture Us Tiny and Family Video review

Picture Us Tiny and Family Video review

Family Video – The Image

Genre: Indietronica, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: LCD Soundsystem, Billy Idol, Joan Jett

With The Image, Family Video answer the question: “What would have happened if Trent Reznor had stuck to his dream of new-wave greatness?

All modern music is designed to have a steady beat. Unless you’ve got Mike Portnoy in drums, the beat is usually one that all audience members can tap their feet to. 

Some music genres are made to emphasize the beat and encourage people to move. Dance styles have come to define any of these genres after all. Other genres are embraced by fans that are fervent about foregoing any form of dancing unless it involves slamming into and shoving other concertgoers. Go figure. 

Family Video sounds like they enjoy a bit of both. The Image is pure dance music, like computers nurturing a love of funk. But, it’s also a sound that feels made to appease heavy-metal fans that might want to incorporate some judo kicks into their choreography. Basically, Family Video makes dance music for public riots. 

Picture Us Tiny – Josie

Genre: Pop Punk, Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: blink-182, Green Day, The Killers, Radiohead, Machine Gun Kelly, Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade

Maturity, oftentimes, kills enthusiasm. No matter how smart, well-rounded, and world-travelled you are going to be, there is a high likelihood that you’ll never feel the way that you feel right now. 

This is particularly troubling for young artists. I mean, sure, many things that seem dramatic might be happening in their lives now. But, will they seem to possess the same sense of gravitas in a few years’ time? Probably not! Should this stop them from documenting these events? Absolutely not!

Picture Us Tiny are a young pop-punk band, focused on young love. Josie is a gorgeous song that seems to capture affairs of the young heart like some kind of Greek tragedy. And, it only makes sense it would feel this way. Besides all of this, Picture Us Tiny have a knack for Green Dayesque melodies and heartfelt, clever turn of phrases. 

Family Video - The Image


Picture Us Tiny - Josie




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