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Places in the Back: FAKE PLASTIC and Boring Story Reviewed

Places in the Back: FAKE PLASTIC and Boring Story Reviewed

Boring Story – Wreck

Genre: Alternative-Rock

Boring Story lend their voice to the voiceless who have so many reasons to cry and so little power to do it. “Wreck” is a song that rings true like the whispered reassurance of an old, good friend. 

Most cures and therapies in the Western world are focused on getting the recipients to no longer feel anxious or in pain. At best, they promise a life free from these troubling thoughts and sensations. That’s how the people involved and how they earn their popularity. 

Oddly, Eastern remedies and actions meant to improve one’s life teach that living with discomfort is normal. In meditation, the goal is never to free oneself from intruding thoughts but to live with them. In yoga, the goal is never to stop feeling physical discomfort but to live with it. 

Boring Story’s “Wreck” is an alt-rock song about accepting discomfort. It’s a tune about looking at oneself with mercy and learning to live with inevitable failures. And through this and the well-crafted musical arrangement that echoes the same feelings, this Cleveland trio turns itself into the protector of the common man.


Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

FAKE PLASTIC don’t make perfect music because they see no reason to attempt anything this useless. No, they let you into their world and let you see where the paint’s peeled and where the parts have rusted. If only more artists were this brave. 

Soon, musicians won’t have to make any choices. They’ll just punch in a code, and a machine will do it for them. They won’t be able, of course, to call themselves artists anymore, but everything will come out sounding perfect and pristine. No instrument will ever be out of tune, and nobody will miss a beat. 

FAKE PLASTIC’s “Endless No” finds greatness in imperfection. The repetitive instrumental is played with passion, and the vocal lines are strange and unique. They sound like the ramblings of a man forced to sit in a darkened room for hours. The German group actually sounds like you’re having a conversation with a real-life human, something that modern rock doesn’t much concern itself with these days. 

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