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3 minutes and a doobie: Plaster Cast and Anna Bates reviewed

Plaster Cast and Anna Bates reviewed

Anna Bates – Holy Smokes

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indie Pop, Alt-Pop

All generations need their own nihilism. Deny them that and you’ll be mopping up buckets of blood from the public square. But, all good nihilism needs to be accompanied by some honest sense of shock. And, when it comes to truly being scared by something, there’s always a need for new and novel strategies and approaches. 

Besides all of this, the line keeps getting moved. The father of nihilism once proclaimed that God was dead smothered by the prayers of the faithful. Now, that doesn’t sound quite as shocking unless you happen to have been born in The Sopranos. There was this bloke with long hair that told his fans he didn’t believe in God or The Beatles. But, that hardly seems like news no either. And, can you believe that Marilyn Manson used to have people rioting in the streets ahead of his shows. 

The smart-mouthed, quick-witted kids looking for attention any way they can get it will always win these kinds of wars. Anna Bates’ Holy Smokes is desperate teenage poetry mixed with blasphemous comedy. And, it’s all wrapped in a pretty indie-folk vibe. This alone would make it insane to actually go and protest Ms Bates even if you so felt inclined. And, yes, if you use knows the singing here is really good, and the grove of the lyrics is even better. In the time we live in there are few public figures to believe. So, a doobie-loving Jesus might just need to be what we contend with. 

Plaster Cast – Control

Genre: Synthwave, Indie Electronic, Chillwave

Bands, at their most confident, believe that merely getting into a room and picking up their instruments will result in timeless music. Playing an E chord through the right amp will do that, and, certainly, having a fan base to spur you on will only help improve this kind of swagger. 

You could excuse The Beatles for thinking this and ending up with hours of unusable recordings, but for the rest of us mere mortals, the truth is usually much harsher. Many of an artist’s ideas are lousy, or simply too banal to make anybody care very deeply about their work. Also, while there are stories of great singles recorded in three minutes and with no overdubs, lightning rarely strikes so close to home. For most musicians, finding the right sound is a steep climb uphill. 

Plaster Cast’s Control is music that cannot be made with heavy, concentrated effort. Just be thankful that the artists in question were willing to spare the time. If you are in the market and in the mood for chilled-out, blissful indie-electronica music this may just be the kind of tune that demands replays. The clever hook of the backing vocals alone may be worth clicking your repeat button. Some tunes demand all the work in the world, and we should be thankful for the artists willing to slave over these them. 

Anna Bates - Holy Smokes


Plaster Cast - Control




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