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No disguise: Poison Door and Rebuilder reviewed

Poison Door and Rebuilder reviewed

Rebuilder – Another Round

Similar artists: Dead Bars, Smoke Or Fire, Ramona, Timeshares, Elway

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Pop Punk

Rebuilder look at their past with anger and distrust. It’s this energy that gives “Another Round” as much lift as a baseball flying over the stands and into someone’s open window.

Most people don’t see their lives pass them by. They just notice it one day, panic, and learn how to move on. Most folks around are very good with feelings, least of all their own. A lot of them don’t even have the luxury of time that they can spend on feelings. 

That’s why they rely on outside assistance. That’s what art is for. And, for people living in the modern age, that’s precisely what music is to be used for. Modern rock, particularly, lends itself to the weighty concerns for which there’s no good, immediate answer. 

Rebuilder’s “Another Round” is the story of unwisely going back to your past and finding all the reasons why it’s better left there. The song is built on catchy, passionate 2000s punk sounds, complete with a singalong chorus, passionate vocals, and lyrics that don’t stray away from uncomfortable truths. It’s a sucker punch, but that’s what most people need in order to feel anything. 

Poison Door – Satisfied

Similar artists: Viagra Boys, Preoccupations, Protomartyr, Parquet Courts, Ty Segall

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk

Poison Door travels to the dark edge of everyday consumerism and comes back to report the chilling details of their single, “Satisfied.”

Actors want to sing, and singers want to act. But few of them put in the required work once they step into the artist’s shoes. The actors, for the most part, do their best karaoke and hope for the best from their hypemen. Rarely can even the most sell-connected PR person do anything for them. 

The musician turned actor, usually, is stiff or overly theatrical. They’ve been taught how to grab the attention of a crowd while sitting on a wooden stage in front of them. Besides, method acting, while necessary, is also difficult. Getting to understand a character by living out their trauma is not something most people would be willing to take upon themselves. 

Poison Door’s “Satisfied” is a punk-rock song against over-consumerism. Nothing strange here. However, the vocals sound like the work of someone trying to land a role to play Ted Kaczynski and applying every method actor trick of which they know. It sounds entirely believable. And, because of all of this, it’s something that deserves repeated plays. A little authenticity goes a long way. 

Rebuilder - Another Round


Poison Door - Satisfied




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