Pop-poetry – Indie-folk reviews (September 2020)

Dekker - I Think You Know

Dekker – I Think You Know

It’s a difficult moment to be a poet with an acoustic guitar trying to make it in the music business. While folk is at the root of most music existent today, the prevailing opinion seems to be that the genre is nowadays far removed from the forefront of musical innovation. 

Really good singers like Dekker are therefore forced to find a way of cutting the difference between their passion for telling nice stories over a soft guitar passage, and the need to create danceable, modern-sounding records. 

I think you know” is that kind of single. It’s certainly not bad, from the tenor vocals to the acoustic guitar picking, to the stomp of the percussion. And, while fitting it on a site about alternative music is a bit of a stretch, it’s good, once in a while, to take a listen to would-be hitmakers and their methods.

San Cisco – Alone

San Cisco is like a very well-meaning neighbour, always dropping by to deliver freshly-baked pie, and ready to listen to your stories. There’s something odd about the behaviour, of course, but one can’t deny it’s comforting.

San Cisco - Alone

Similarly, the sound of San Cisco on “Alone” is something you may have heard before. But, enjoyed together with the fun, elaborate video reminiscent of The Mighty Boosh, it’s quite a pleasant moment. 

The melodies, vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar shimmer, and strategically placed guitar leads reveal a band that is well in control of their output. They may be acting nice just to get in your good favour, but who can be upset about manners as lovely as these. 

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