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Post-Modern Connection and Madge Reviewed

Post-Modern Connection and Madge Reviewed

Post-Modern Connection – Home To You

Similar artists: Cosmo Pyke, Harry Styles, Vampire Weekend, Real Estate, boy pablo

Genre: Indie Rock

They’ll be making documentaries about the times in which we are now living. They’ll have to. Every era gets turned into a film. And every film needs a soundtrack. Something that can let the viewer know from the first few seconds that the movie is talking about 2023. I wonder what song they’ll use? I hope it’s not rubbish. Maybe they ought to just use Post-Modern Connection. They sound like pop music made in 2023, only with better ideas than some of the artists leading the charts. 

The fact is that pop music has rarely been attractive in the last few decades. Sure, it’s been everywhere, inescapable. But so have terrible diseases that nearly wiped out the World’s population. Furthermore, most pop music has a quickie expiry date. Past that period, even the folks who once danced to the trendy grooves don’t want to admit any prior contact. 

 It sure sounds like a snapshot of where breezy, colourful pop music was headed by the tail-end of 2023. But it also sounds like the kind of pop music that, for most audiences, could be a lot of work to decipher. The band ought to take that as a compliment. And, yes, if anyone asks, I do recommend “Home To You” be used in a couple of decades when they’re shooting documentaries about how clever we thought we were back in 2023. 


Similar artists: Slayyyter, Brooke Candy, Travis Barker, Portugal. The Man

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

The self-help industry is a monstrous creation that we must all fight against, collectively or on our own. Not only does it create unreachable standards, getting the poor saps who fall for these stories to spin around life like crazed rats in experiments, but they also take the dignity out of being sad and miserable. Madge is one of our most trustworthy and valiant fighters against this purulent infection. 

After all, you would assume that the great prophets of rock n’ roll, most of them long gone out of events of their own making, would not stand for it. Sure, this music can be joyous and enrapture the audiences, making them want to dance, fight and make love. But it is also honest. Heartbreaking songs of frailty can have immense power. 

Madge’s “MACROWAVE” is a strong pop tune about messed up times and the power required to stare the worst of it in the face and say: “Why, I think I’ll have another helping of that?” It’s a hyper-produced record where musicians have not let their fingerprints dry on the grooves, but on which every single choice seems to be directed by Madge, a spirited young artist in both joy and incredible sadness. 

Post-Modern Connection - Home To You






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