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Post-punk dread – New music reviews – August 2020

Wax Chattels - Efficiency

Wax Chattels – Efficiency

Wax Chattels are a post-punk band from New Zealand. They have been recognized, in the past, by NPR. Here is our review of their single “Efficiency”.

Like previous post-punk units, the Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls, Wax Chattels have mastered the art of making their audiences feel uncomfortable.

This is certainly not as easily achieved as it sounds. The band possesses an oddly veiled anger and great control over their evasive sound. “Efficiency” sounds like a threat issued ever ominous low bass frequencies.

Laura Lied – Had Another Dream

Laura Lied makes Post-Punk, Grunge, Alternative Rock. Here’s an acoustic number, complete with very honest lyric. This is our review of “Had Another Dream”.

Laura Lied has clearly studied the history of pop-songwriting carefully. She knows her hooks and her strong structures. But, there’s an aching pain in her voice that she does little to disguise, with the acoustic guitar making this sound perfect for fans of DYI folk-punk recordings.

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