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Silver linings: Post Sex Nachos and Dan Tredget reviewed

Post Sex Nachos and Dan Tredget reviewed

Dan Tredget – The Tempest

Raise your head, you weary songwriters! While working your way into the music business may seem hopeless at times, there will always be the need for songs to accompany all important events in people’s lives. Wedding bands will always be a thing, and hitmakers will always exist. 

Just as Kid Rock borrowed Metallica riffs to become Southern U.S.’s answer to nu-metal, Noel Gallagher borrowed Beatles chords to become the U.K.’s most prizes songwriter in… well, forever. And, while the competition was busily twiddling its thumbs or navel-gazing, old Noel was writing tunes that everyone could identify with. 

The Tempest by Dan Tredget fits into that mould. It has no intention to reinvent the ol’ rock n’ roll wheel or send you into a crying fit. It’s really a sad song that feels happy under an acoustic guitar backing and the melodic lines that share their DNA with some of the very best British singers. Being happy makes you feel good, eh? Once in a while, it can’t hurt. 

Post Sex Nachos – Take My Heart

The term indie stuck quicker to the pop music world than an evil manager set on running his artists to the madhouse, the poorhouse, or to the grave. The term may have referred initially to music made by strange artists with not quite enough commercial appeal to make record labels want to take a chance on them. 

Nowadays, the use of the word is much vaguer. Essentially, I seem to think that it refers to young music making use of young sounds. Guitars and drums are usually included, although they are not the star players. 

Post Sex Nachos are an indie-pop band. They write sunny melodies and pleasant records that contain modern, shiny production. Take my heart is something of an anthem to summer-romance and to escapism. Well, we think that once in a while, it does not hurt to embrace hopeful-sounding music and that, really, there are no guilty pleasures in music, just an immense array of shades and colours. Whether planning a Summer getaway (that would be a bit hasty) or roasting coffee in the morning (much better), this could act as a soundtrack. 

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