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Modern tech: Pretty Uggly and The Namesakes review

Pretty Uggly and The Namesakes review

The Namesakes – Super Computer

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk

If your teenage life were spent in misery because of the low computing power of your PC, then rejoice. Technology has made everything better right? Or, at the very least, it has given everyone more of what they wanted. 

Turns out that what most people wanted were videos of cats. Or, if not, unreliable news stories about wars in foreign countries seem to be pretty popular. One quick visit on the internet, for most folks, resembles a distorted image of the Sgt. Pepper artwork. Everyone’s in the picture and none of it makes any sense. 

Not much makes sense in The Namesakes’ Super Computer. But, that kinda feels like the point. This is pop-punk to an endless, senseless scroll through your social media feed. The Namesakes sound like the fun spin you need to put on your daily sojourn through modern tech doom. Yey!

Pretty Uggly – Milk (sour)

Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Strokes, MGMT, Interpol

What’s needed to record a good song nowadays? A computer, a broken heart, and, possibly, a keyboard controller. As far as minimalism goes, modern music is playing its part. Some of your favourite modern songs have been recorded in this way. Or, they could have. 

Record label owners of the past will shudder at this thought. After all, there’s was an unbreakable monopoly. They were the ones releasing music. It was them who knew how to promote it. And, you couldn’t expect to get any decent sound unless you were given the privilege of recording in one of the state-of-the-art studios that they owned. 

Pretty Uggly’s Milk (sour) is determined to prove minimalism can work for DYI artists most of all. But, what’s more interesting is that there’s only a small difference, soundwise, Pretty Uggly’s influence. If The Strokes end up hearing this, they’ll feel cheated on the studio bills that they’ve likely had to fork out. A computer and a broken heart are a young musician’s best weapons nowadays. 

The Namesakes - Super Computer


Pretty Uggly - Milk (sour)




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