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Back to Basics: PRIMATES and Culann Reviewed

PRIMATES and Culann Reviewed

Culann – City Eternal

Similar artists: Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic, Thin Lizzy, Big Country, Foo Fighters

Genre: Folk rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock

There’s a lot of mythology surrounding old-rock bands and the very best songs that they wrote. Who cares if “Hotel California” is not about a Satanic cult, nor “Stairway to Heaven” about selling your soul to the devil? Culann’s modern rock sound has at its core the kind of songwriting that invites listeners to think of their urban landscapes as mysterious, myth-creating entities. 

After all, the stories told about great songs are just that – stories. Clapton ended up with “Layla,” Dylan can’t remember why he wrote “All Along the Watchtower,” and the gambling house burning down on “Smoke on the Water” looks far more impressive in the song than in pictures. 

Culann’s “City Eternal” is really a song about the mythology surrounding good rock music. Soundwise, the group takes its inspiration from the kind of rootsy folk-rock of bands like Thin Lizzy, as well as the muscular, stadium pop-rock of groups like Foo Fighters. This is a contemporary rock with a classic allure. 


Similar artists: Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Divididos, Stone Temple Pilots

Genre: Latin Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Music is one of the fastest and most effective communication tools. A great sound travels across borders, appeals to all cultures, and is embraced by all walks of life. As for great modern rock songs, they are supposed to feel like someone pushing you suddenly down the stairs. Chilean rock group PRIMATES has all of those qualities. 

I can attest to the fact that the place where the famous rock bands come from and the words that they use in their songs don’t always matter much. In Eastern Europe, people used to trade their most precious belongings for vinyl, CDs, or cassettes of British or American bands. It didn’t even make much of a difference that English wasn’t a language that they could speak. They could hear and feel all that they needed to create a connection. 

PRIMATES’ “Piso 3” is a tune built upon the powerful and mysterious sound of 1990s alternative rock and grunge. It features strong, distorted vocals, as well as convincing guitar riffs that suit the song and never veer into excessive guitar-virtuoso territory. Best of all, whether you speak Spanish or not, you could easily be convinced to include PRIMATES on your playlist dealing with important modern alt-rock. 

Culann - City Eternal






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