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Fun times: Project Revise and Chris Portka reviewed

Project Revise and Chris Portka reviewed

Chris Portka – Ambient Jazz Metal

The whole point about being a hipster is that you’re supposed to laugh on the inside with great satisfaction as people stare confused about your choices of attire, speech, facial hair, or your preferences in art. Never let ‘em see your doubts. 

Surely, the moment when humor will meet one of the most hipster musical trends of the modern era, something terrible is about to happen. Well, strap right in and get ready for Chris Portka’s Ambient Jazz Metal, the equivalent of Eddie Murphy directing a Batman movie. 

Ambient Jazz Metal a composition included on the subtly titled Hey buddy, can you spare $74k / year? EP is indie noise music somehow taken more seriously and less seriously at the same time. It is the equivalent of Boris and Sunn O))) saying, “Hey, we thought you were in on the joke the whole time.

Personally, I like it and so does my cat. Those weird creatures are really affectionate about grotesque metal music. 

Project Revise – Hold Your Ground

Look, we all like to wax poetically about some cool, obscure band’s b-side or concept album written under the influence of Indonesian folk music. But, for the most part, let’s face it, if you’ve spent a good time listening to pop and rock, it’s because it scratches a particular itch. 

This is especially true of pop-punk. The genre is, basically, your favorite ice-cream store. You need it in your life, you’re not particularly proud of it, and, certainly, if you ever finish a marathon or anything like that, you won’t be thanking them for their support. 

Project Revise’s Hold Your Ground is a really nifty pop-punk song that scratches an itch. It’s the espresso in the middle of a long day, the phone call from an old friend, or your favorite team scoring. It supplies listeners with energy and positivity out of thin air. What’s more, this fun punk unit takes their craft pretty seriously, with solid production and very good playing at the heart of the tune. 

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